How to Find the Best Kitchen Floor Mats

It is true that mats are used to wipe our feet or the soles of our shoes on whenever we step on something dirty. However, that does not mean that mats do not need to be stylish. You always have to remember that mats and rugs are not the same thing, though they may have some similar purpose.

Mats, like rugs, are usually seen inside or at the entrance to kitchens to prevent bringing dirt inside the room from our soles. However, a mat is more of an accessory too in the kitchen, especially when it used to cover stains on the floor. Its design could bring picture or life inside a kitchen. In a room filled with silver utensils and white china, a colorful mat could create a lively homey feel in the room. Others who have small areas for their kitchens could also use mats to make the area seem wider. This is usually done by placing patterned mats of the right size on their floors.

Sure, there are many types of mats available in the store. However, when we talk about kitchen mat, the choices will have to be filtered. In the living room or bed room, a leather mat or a carpet would seem to be suitable. However, it is not appropriate for a kitchen. That is why in buying a kitchen mat, many things should be taken into consideration. You may ask yourself the following: Is the color right? Will it look good with the color of my walls? Is the size right? Will I be able to lay it down without needing to trim it? Will it be easy to clean? Will it last long?

Gel mat is an advisable choice to use in kitchens. It is soft to the soles because it is semi-solid. Its height is right enough for you to control your balance. Stepping on it will not make you out-balanced. Since it is made of gel, it is also cool to the soles. Moreover, it is easy to clean. Only the surface needs to be cleaned because it does not absorb water, making it easy to dry, too.

For those who are traditional or live in a country house, the conventional cotton mats or those made of fabric is also good. This type of mat is helpful when you want to wipe your floor clean because it absorbs liquid and it is easy to move around. The downside to this is that it can be stained. Buying one of a darker shade would be advisable. A cotton mat, just like clothes, needs to be washed regularly to clean it of dirt, to lighten stains, and to remove the odor I sipped from the kitchen.

Most mats are affordable especially those made of fabric or plastic. It is not advisable to buy expensive kitchen mats because it gets dirty easily from frequent use and exposure to dirt. If you want to buy expensive ones, which are of higher quality, you are not discouraged from doing so. Those who buy the expensive ones usually use them are displays. Just be sure that in buying kitchen mats, let your practical side do the choosing.

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Oxo Salad Spinner

Oxo Salad SpinnerEver wanted to make the perfect salad without any bit of a mess and hassle free? Then it is time for you to try up Oxo Salad Spinner. With this amazing item, drying and perking up your freshly washed leafy and green vegetables is going to be so much easy, fun and enjoyable. This salad spinner from Oxo is designed in such a way that makes your preparation easy to do and comfortable. You can easily make salads in just a few press of a knob with even just one hand.

If you are all set then it is time to start spinning that wonderful salad in just a few minutes. First, you have to fill the basket with the salad greens such as leafy vegetables and anything that you would like to include. After filling it up, just close the lid and press the top knob of the spinner several times and there you have it, your salad is already spinning.

The Oxo Salad Spinner is truly an amazing and wonderful kitchen tool. Not only does it help you speed up your work, it also makes the actual salad making fun and enjoyable as it is less hassle to do and prepare. This salad spinner is also very user friendly as it is very much easy to operate and is made from very high quality materials, so you are going to be assured that it is of high quality and very much durable. This item includes in its package a clear plastic bowl in which you can later use for serving, a white plastic basket where the vegetable will go round and round spinning and a lid with a knob to cover the basket. It is also dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean and maintain. Another unique feature of this spinner is a brake which allows you to quickly stop the basket from rotating. The Oxo Salad Spinner is equipped with a patented pump mechanism for operating it. It also has a non slip ring which allows the bowl to stay in place while spinning, avoiding the mess that could occur if it would spill over the kitchen counter.

The Oxo Salad Spinner is not only used for making and preparing a healthy, clean, fresh and delicious salad. You can also use it to wash other stuffs like pastas, legumes, fruits, and many more. You can also use it to reduce moisture in foods such as deviled boiled eggs. With just one push of the knob, and you are already set to go.

So if you are looking for the perfect salad spinner to speed up your work, then the Oxo Salad Spinner is the perfect fit for you. With it’s easy to operate and easy to use function, you will surely love everything about it. Although it is a little bit bulky and large, it never fails to function as it should, which makes the Oxo Salad Spinner very much useful and a must in every household.

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